Electric Eric

....is....  Eric Lipper


Eric Lipper is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist & producer.  As a studio musician, arranger, sideman & performer, he is involved with many types of popular and unpopular music of the last century or two! 

As a solo act, or as part of a number of bands, Eric has played in theatres across the country, as well as Sardi's restaurant & The Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center.


Summer, 2021


    Hello!  Thanks for visiting my website.  This is where you can find out about shows I am playing, may they be solo, with a band, or with the fine Motown revue, Shadows of the 60s, or with the classic bubblegum pop group, The 1910 Fruitgum Company!  I may be singing, playing keys or guitar, or perhaps, drums or bass..   

!!ALERT!!  As we all know, the entertainment industry (along with many others) came crashing down last year.  For me, personally, heading into 2020, I was excited to have just joined The 1910 Fruitgum Company, on keyboards & harmony vocals.  This group had a few fun hits in the late '60s, that you may remember.  My other main group, Shadows of the 60's, is a world-class tribute to the great music of Motown.  I was all set to travel the country with these 2 groups, as well as continuing to entertain at senior & nursing homes, where my visits do wonders for the mental well-being of the residents, and are, in turn, very rewarding for me to perform.

   In recent months, shows have returned for me & these groups.  It has been exciting to put together the shows, including new additions to the matererial, and to play for audiences in person.  Catch us now, while you can!...

                   -EL, July, 2021