Electric Eric

....is....  Eric Lipper


Eric Lipper is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist & producer.  As a studio musician, arranger, sideman & performer, he is involved with many types of popular and unpopular music of the last century or two! 

As a solo act, or as part of a number of bands, Eric has played in theatres across the country, as well as Sardi's restaurant & The Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center.


Winter, 2018


  Hello!   Thanks for coming to my website.  This is where you can find out about shows I am playing, may it be solo, with a band, or with a fine Motown production show..  I may be singing, playing keys or guitar, perhaps drums or bass..  All details of live performances will be found under 'Performances'.  

  The latter portion of 2017 brought me to many new places in our vast country, including Michigan, Ohio, Arkansas, Kentucky & Alabama! 

  While playing on a session at Mad Hands Studio (Teaneck, NJ) last year, I came across a most amazing piano, and so I started recording an album of my best classical/neo-classical/new age/impressionist/Rennaissance pieces, from over the years.  Most of them, surprisingly came right back under my fingers, and now, I'm writing arrangements for flute, violin, cello & trumpet.   At the same time, I'm in the middle of constructing a music studio in my new home, and trying to configure & learn a whole new recording system, getting into the 21st century, after years of working with a digital 8-track machine...  

  Please expect new music from me soon.  You can nag me down below, or send me a request, a question, a cool recipe.. don't be shy, say hi!         -EL   5/24/17