Electric Eric

....is....  Eric Lipper


Eric Lipper is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist & producer.  As a studio musician, arranger, sideman & performer, he is involved with many types of popular and unpopular music of the last century or two! 

As a solo act, or as part of a number of bands, Eric has played in theatres across the country, as well as Sardi's restaurant & The Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center.


Winter, 2018


  Hello!   Thanks for coming to my website.  This is where you can find out about shows I am playing, may it be solo, with a band, or with a fine Motown production show..  I may be singing, playing keys or guitar, perhaps drums or bass..  All details of live performances will be found under 'Performances'.  

   While playing on a session at Mad Hands Studio (Teaneck, NJ) last year, I came across a most amazing piano, and so I started recording an album of my best classical/neo-classical/new age/impressionist/Rennaissance pieces, from over the years.  Most of them, surprisingly came right back under my fingers, and now, I'm writing arrangements for flute, violin, cello & trumpet.   At the same time, I'm in the middle of constructing a music studio in my new home, and trying to configure & learn a whole new recording system, getting into the 21st century, after years of working with a digital 8-track machine...  

  Please expect new music from me soon.  You can nag me down below, or send me a request, a question, a cool recipe.. don't be shy, say hi!         -EL   12/13/18